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By Paulette Furse, Dec 6 2016 05:44PM

It is good practice to keep a clean and tidy office, not only is it visually appealing, no clutter or mess, it also gives a good impression to your clients and customers. You look professional, and it's more conducive to productivity in the workplace.

We at All Polished Cleaning Company know how busy an office can get. You are attracting business, it's difficult to always keep an eye on how tidy or clean your office(s) are! Let us take that stress away from you.

Santisiting and cleansing the areas you and your staff work is really important. Our colour coded system ensures that germs and cross contamination does not occur. We are competively priced and our cleaning system will leave your office clean, neat and tidy.

By Paulette Furse, Oct 14 2016 04:15PM

Do you have a Housekeeper? Are you their Employer? Are you sure........?

The Citizens advice bureau – Advice Guide states……

There are rules to help you decide whether some is your employee. These rules apply to all the jobs listed in this fact sheet. Someone is likely to be your employee if one or more of the following applies:

• You have to find work for them and can tell them what to do and how to do it, even if they are left alone to do the work;

• You pay them a regular amount of money on a weekly or monthly basis rather than when they have done a particular job;

• You have to find someone else to do the work if they can’t do it for some reason, for example they’re off sick. But if they have to find someone else to the work, for example a sub-contractor or a friend, this probably means they’re self-employed; and

• You’re responsible for providing most of the tools, machinery and material to do the work.

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